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Sodium sulfide

产品/服务: Sodium sulfide 
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 Sodium sulfide硫化钠
5.1. Appearance traits: molecular formula NaS, white or red-yellow crystalline powder solid. Aliase: Sodium sulfide.
5.2. Product use: It is mainly used in the manufacture of dyes such as sulphur dyes, sulphur blue, sulphur blue or dye intermediates, mordants and so on. A flotation agent for ore in the non-ferrous metallurgical industry. A depilatory agent for hides in leather. Papermaking cooker. It is used in the manufacture of products such as sodium thiosulfate, sodium polysulfide and sodium hydrosulfide. Used in electroplating for cyanide galvanizing, silver-plated cadmium alloy electrolytes and recovery of silver. Widely used in pigments, rubber, etc.
5.3. Production of main raw materials: A. Suitable raw materials such as sodium hydroxide and hydrogen sulfide. B. or suitable raw materials such as sodium sulfate and coal.
5.4, ​​the main process of production: A.I absorption "II absorption" purification "concentration" crystallization" packaging. B. Roasting "Soluble" Filtration "Concentrate" Crystallization" packaging. Other processes are slightly.
5.5. Main equipment for production: A. High-efficiency rotary cleaner, purifier, cooler, concentrator, crystallizer, pulverizer, circulation tank, etc. B. Calciner, dissolver, purifier, cooler, concentrator, crystallizer, pulverizer, circulation tank, etc.
5.6, product quality: NaS content% ≥ 85.
5.7.  select ion of production equipment: common type, first type, high type.
5.8. Environmental protection: According to the configuration of process equipment, there is no waste water discharge, and the waste gas can be treated.
5.9. Investment: According to the advanced level of the product output, raw material content and other components and equipment.
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